Beach Copyright

This was taken at South Shields Beach. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with my so this is taken on my phone… (Not very professional, I know) but with a bit of editing on the computer, it didn’t come out too badly.

Let me know your thoughts below! I’d appreciate any advice!



  1. Nice composition. A lot of visual interest from a simple set of shapes. I expect this would look good as a black and white image too.

  2. We might have to define “professional” because smartphones are allowing all sorts of people become professionals. I have a friend in our photography club who took up photography with the first iPhone. He’s good and is making a pretty good amount of money each month from his work. It’s not always the quipment. Quite often it’s composition, and he certainly knows how to compose a picture and then take it to his various smart phone apps to play around with it creatively.

    • I would definitely agree with you. But having put so much effort into teaching myself how to use a camera properly, I feel like such a cheat clicking a button on a phone!

      • I don’t even have a smart phone. I’m still using my 2003 flip phone, and as long as it makes and receives phone calls, I’m keeping it. When I’m away from the computer and Internet, there usually is a reason, and I have no desire to take the computer and Internet with me via a smart phone!

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