A bit about me: my name is Rowena Caine and I am a journalist. I have recently discovered the delights and tricks of a camera and have been playing around with a few of my photographs.

As I like to travel a lot I have captured a few of these moments and I thought I would share them with you. I would really appreciate any feedback on how to improve my photography. Constructive criticism is very welcome!

You can follow me on twitter at: twitter.com/RowenaCaine

Copyright: all of these images are copyrighted. This means that I own them all and should you want to use any, you can contact me. Thank you!


  1. Your photos are lovely. You have a good photographer’s eye and I shall enjoy following your blog and seeing how you view the world through your camera lens.
    (thanks for dropping by my own blog & following. Hope my images don’t disappoint).

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