1. Great shot. I love the simple subjects (as Bruce Ruston said). Your snail image is my favourite.

    Your photos (in general) are lovely and I think your composition excellent too.

    This image is the only one in which I might suggest the flower be very slightly lower in the frame – I’m talking about 1/4″ or something.
    Funnily enough, I sometimes end up cropping 1/4″ off the top or bottom or sides of my own images once I see them on the large computer screen – just making the subject slightly off centre seems to do the trick. I don’t always follow that photographic rule of thirds, sometimes I place my subject somewhere on an invisible diagonal line between the bottom left corner and the top right corner. I notice some other photographers do the same thing.

    I’m always surprised when I view Steve McCurry’s blog – he often places his subject in the middle. If you don’t already follow him, I highly recommend him – he has the wonderful knack of making his subjects come alive on the screen at

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