1. Really great shot. Shows the raw power and aggression of bull matched by the skill and courage of the matador.

    • Raw power? Courage of the matador? I m shocked. Did you know that the bulls are half blind, deaf, haven’t slept over days and got tortured before walking in the arena? These are no normal bulls anymore – they are abused creatures and the so called skills of the matador… Most of them are not able to kill the poor thing at first try! Have you ever tried to run and fight for your life with a long knife or sword in your body? I don’t know the exact english word for, so I can only tell you that the bulls are not dead when they are pulled out of the arena. But they cut something in the neck so that they can’t move anymore. They are cut in pieces alive outside the arena then!! It should be forbidden everywhere. So many bulls and horses die there every year for no reason.

      • I am spanish and i am against the “fiesta”. please, passion without knowlege do not help to stop this activity. your words are wrong, you show absolute not knowlege about that. information must be truth and can be checked

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